Logo Castell de Mar Hotel
The company was created in the early 60s and owns the hotels: Playa del Moro and Castell de Mar, through the efforts of small investors who had great faith in the future of the tourism industry under the brand CM Hotels. Promoters in catering holiday with great forward thinking when it comes to tourism in the Canary and pioneers in the bay of Cala Millor, and among the first in the de Mallorca. It was built first the Hotel Playa del Moro in 1964 and two years later the Hotel Castell de Mar, so that we can boast of having 50 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

With so many years of experience, the renewal of our facilities is a constant that has led us to move from 2-3 stars long ago and get the 4th star in both hotels in the late 90s, thanks to an infrastructure that exceed expectations our customers. In 2002 and 2003 our hotels have also been certified by the ICTE ensuring, in this way, a high standard of service.

CM Hotels as a brand that encompasses both hotels is synonymous today with a clear and resolute commitment to service.

In 2013, CM Hotels approved the strategic plan have comprehensive reform of both hotels during the 2013 reform was finalized Sentido Castell de Mar and for 2014 provides for the comprehensive reform of Hotel Playa del Moro, improving is continuous pillars to our business foundation which leads to the satisfaction of our customers is for us the most important thing, wishing that your vacation at our hotels exceed expectations.